Training and Education

Training and Education

AMCRETE UK concrete training and education

Concrete technology, the science behind it and concrete practice on site, like any other trade, requires good training as well as learning on the job. AMCRETE UK delivers training courses designed for all levels of experience. AMCRETE UK delivers these training programs in association with TALENT Training and CMT (Construction Management Training) or as the sole training provider.

Courses available can be tailored to suit your needs and be delivered over 1 day, 3 days and 5 day programs. The 3- and 5-day training programs normally include visits to a batching plant, laboratory and a selected site. All courses can include guest speakers on topics such as: Formwork, Admixtures, Reinforcement and Testing.

AMCRETE UK has already delivered training programs in Concrete Technology and is retained by CMT to deliver lectures for level 4 and 6 students who have embarked upon their Chartership program with the CIOB.

For more information regarding the content of each available training program and the cost, contact us today.

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