Inspections and Repairs to Concrete

AMCRETE UK | Cracked Concrete

Repairs are sometimes known as ‘patch repair’ when the area to be treated is small and ‘skin repair’ when, for example, the whole side of a member is to be broken out and reinstated. Reinstatement with concrete or mortar can take several different forms depending on the size of the area being repaired and the means of applying the chosen repair material. 

A limitation of the repair techniques is that they treat the symptoms but not the underlying causes such as reinforcement corrosion. AMCRETE UK, will conduct condition surveys to help determine the cause of damage and defect, then recommend a suitable repair method to prolong the service life of a structure or element therein. 

We would recommend discussing repairs with our partners, as they are experienced and provide quality materials and workmanship.

Common problems found during inspections:

  • Crazing from over trowelling, cement dusting to speed drying, or surfaces formed with impermeable materials
  • Cracks caused due to temperature-related contraction
  • Plastic shrinkage cracks caused when drying occurs too quickly and low rates of bleeding.  This can be seen on elevated slabs, grade-level slabs, and over reinforcement 
  • Plastic settlement cracks caused by excess bleeding and too fast, early drying.
  • Ineffective contraction joints caused by cuts made too late in the drying process, cuts that are too shallow, overlays between reinforcement and joints
  • Corrosion and fatigue due to insufficient cover and environmental conditions leading to cracks and delamination.

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