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In general, safety in structural design is introduced by safety partial factors that takes account of inevitable imprecisions in load design or variability, mechanical properties of materials, workmanship to name but a few. However, as soon as we become aware of a Non-Conformance, they should be declared and investigated immediately. In our experience, most Non-Conformances, when investigated and analysed, are deemed to require no further action. Reporting and acting upon a Non-Conformance demonstrates integrity and a high level of professional conduct which is highly valued by clients.

AMCRETE UK will conduct these investigations for you, providing an independent and un-biased review on any issues, whether you are the client, Engineer, Producer or Contractor. 

Non-Conformance reporting is an essential part of your quality management system, regardless of the size of your organisation. Being honest with yourselves and other stakeholders, will inevitably reduce your operating costs and continue to provide confidence, essential for building relationships with clients.

An NCR report is:

  • A report issued when a product, process or procedure does not comply with the set standards for a project.
  • An NCR is any significant deficiency.
  • A means of tracking actions
  • A tool to put right things that are going wrong
  • A means of stopping repeated errors.

Research has concluded that the root cause for Non-Conformances and errors are due to poorly communicated design information, lack of a quality culture, Inadequate supervisory skills and lack of knowledge of the materials and their properties, to name but a few.

Non-Conformance and errors can account for up to 22% of costs on a project. Even more if they are not addressed smartly and professionally. Prompt reporting will lead to time and cost mitigation and just as important, the team will learn and eradicate the errors for the next project.

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