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About Converge

Converge builds wireless and cloud-based technologies to help construction companies strike earlier and plan their projects more efficiently. We’re saving the environment one sensor at a time.

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Oliver Greet
Technical Manager

Why Converge?

Converge builds the next generation of wireless and cloud-based technologies to monitor your concrete in real-time.

Optimise Costs by Striking Earlier

Get real-time alerts straight to your phone the moment your slab is ready to strike. The time you save waiting for cube results keeps your concrete cycles consistent and your costs low.

Safety First

By measuring the temperature of the in-situ concrete, they provide highly accurate data which means reduced cracking, failure, and deflections.

Plan Ahead

Use their easy-to-use platform to access historical data and export relevant information.  their reports make it easy to plan ahead and make the right decisions.

No More Hassle

With Converge, there’s no need for early strike test cubes, and no need to wait on labs for progress reports. They give you wireless accessibility from anywhere, and real-time data is always at your fingertips.


Their solutions help you reduce the carbon impact of your concrete. They make it easy to optimize your mix design and get access to historic performance data to inform future decisions.

They Have you Covered

Converge works with all pours, frames, and buildings sites. That includes slab, core, wall; regular RC frames and PT frames; residential buildings and tunnels.

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