Low Cube or Cylinder Results

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Low cube or cylinder results are often the most common cause for Non-Conformance reporting giving rise to concerns regarding the concrete element suitability. Resolving an issue of this nature requires an investigation and analysis of all records associated with identity testing by the Contractor.

Our experience has shown that in the event of recording low cube/cylinder strength, the fault is often nothing to do with the concrete placed.

Analysis of your records and correlation with in-situ NDT, can dispel any concerns with the quality of the concrete in question.

Use the AMCRETE UK cube register to collate the strength data, which will tell you if the test is compliant or not. If you find an issue, then contact us and we can review the information and provide an assessment of the cause for the low reported strength, avoiding any other costly remedial actions and/or delays.

The AMCRETE UK Batch Analysis form will undoubtedly assist in any investigation into low strength results.

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