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Our Mission

Our passion for looking after the workforce, providing safe places of work and protecting the environment is what drove us to set up the consultancy.

Our mission is to explain and simplify the laws and regulations that companies and individuals are bound by, in a positive way.

To encourage positive attitudes towards working safely and healthily, reducing omissions, nuisance and waste.

We have all worked on the shop floor across various trades and industries. We have witnessed the improvements in health, safety, and environmental awareness over the last few decades. We aim to help businesses continue to improve.

The Basics

Assisting companies to work on the basics of Health, Safety, and Environment. Getting the basics right will result in greater productivity.


Understanding the cultures of the businesses we are assisting. Working with all the company’s people to bring behavioural change, To change the culture and bring dynamic improvements to the working environment.


People have a different perception of risk depending on their exposure to the hazard.
Enabling people to assess risk differently promotes a safer, healthier work place.
Educating people about their responsibilities allows them to feel connected to the decision-making process and empowered to make a change to Health, Safety, and Environment systems for the better.

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